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About Laurie

I began planning my escape almost before I could read…

I was a demob baby, conceived when my Dad came home from WW2, and I grew up in Leicester, England’s geographical equivalent of North Platte, Nebraska. I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to get closer to the sea and I’ve finally made it, to lovely Dalkey on Dublin Bay.

About the Book

Meet Dan Talbot. He's young, he's eager and he was offered a ritzy job in Harley Street. So why is he joining a GP practice in a gritty Black Country community?

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Dr. Dan's Casebook

Latest Blog Post

Apostrophe Wars, The Epilogue

It’s a dark, dark day for guardians of the English language or, as we are now regarded, archaic and irrelevant, nitpicking pedants. The Apostrophe Protection Society is pulling down its shutters. John Richards, the man who founded it in 2001, has admitted defeat. ‘Ignorance,’ he says, ‘and laziness have won.’ I’m glad that my husband,…

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Also by Laurie Graham

Lizzie Partridge, heroine of Perfect Meringues, returns to the fray. She’s survived single parenthood and the moonscape of mid-life dating. She’s weathered career flop and the relentlessly passing years. So now what?