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Archive for June 2009

There Goes the Neighbourhood

We chose to live in this neighbourhood because it’s a place where normal life is still possible. Within a half mile radius we can buy our daily necessities which means we’re a deal better off than friends with ritzy San Marco addresses. But Dorsoduro is changing too. It seems like every time a lease expires…

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Wired, But Cool

  This is my poison of the moment: iced espresso. And not even homemade. I recently discovered that the bar at Treviso train station sells three kinds of iced coffee to go, each delicious in its own way and no doubt full of hidden sugar but hell, who ever heard of a comfort food that…

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The Price of a Crumby Rug

Our cleaning lady called me at the 11th hour 59th minute to say she’d snafu’d her diary which meant she couldn’t come at 1 o’clock yesterday and would 3 o’clock today be okay. Well actually, no it wouldn’t, because we have friends coming up for afternoon tea and I hate having to shout over the noise of the…

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Cubicle Woman

  This morning, after I’d carried home two monster bunches of sunflowers, a kilo of peaches, a bag full of mussels and enough toilet paper to get us through the next six months I realised how idiotically happy it made me to close the front door and know I need not leave the building again for 24 hours. ‘But wait’, I hear…

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