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Archive for June 2013

All in a Day's Work

      Writing is a funny business. Even a laugh-a-minute guy like Joseph Conrad would probably have agreed. I don’t mean the daily grind of turning up at the desk, although that sure beats any other job I ever had. What I mean when I call it a funny business is the way it’s perceived by…

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Dear Reader

I have two publishing events coming up over the next few months. The mass market edition of A Humble Companion will be released on August 29th and then on October 10th my new novel, The Liar’s Daughter. Last year I ventured into the world of social media and did what writers are now nagged to…

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Tysop of the Weak

       I love a bit of wordplay.  My friend Mim and I indulge in it all the time. Writing being our day job we like to rip off our corsets (so to speak) when we’ve punched out for the day. I pray there’s no posthumous publication of the Collected Emails of Laurie and Mim. ‘Good…

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