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Archive for December 2016

Dusting Off the Cobwebs

Here is my (not so terribly) cunning plan for 2017. The accountants are sharpening their knives. I need more readers, dear readers. So I have decided to put a free e-book out there in the ether, to try and reel in some new fans. But what to use? All my rights are tied up, mouldering¬†…

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Book Glutton in Recovery

It’s almost a year since our last house move and the merciless cull of possessions which that involved. I’ve lived for a year with fewer chairs, fewer coats and the big one, fewer books. Have I missed any of the discarded ones? No. Have I re-read any of the ones I clung to? Nope. More…

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Writers Do it On the Kitchen Table

A sharp rap on the knuckles from the Bassano del’Grappa chapter of my fan club. Too long between blog posts. Quite right, of course. It’s just that my life is narcotically repetitive. Get up, write words, throw 50 percent of them in the trash can, go to bed. But anyway, here I am, just in…

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