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Archive for April 2012

It's… Punctuation Time!

  I realise this is a lost cause. We’re 7: nil down and into injury time but I feel I can’t give up until the ref blows the final whistle. Which in my case will be when a doctor signs my death certificate. I’m talking about apostrophes, not for the first time and probably not for the last.…

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The March of the CyberGrans

 Well, it finally happened.   Facebook. I knew I had to do it. I’d already managed Twitter, and as for Pinterest, I was addicted after five minutes. But Facebook is something else. I guessed it would be like being dropped from a remote Pacific island into Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and I was right. After a couple of…

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Now, Where Was I?

Five days away from my desk may not sound like a long time but I find it can take me another full day to get with the program. Do the laundry? No problem. Buy milk? Obviously. Remember where I was in the writing process? Erm…. So my first job is to re-read what I’ve written so far. All…

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Diversion Ahead

 Research is something I aim to have done before I ever start work on a book. After all, how can the flesh hang convincingly if the skeleton isn’t firmly in place? I suppose it’s just a reflection of my grasshopper mind that I never manage to stick to this plan. I start the working day…

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