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Archive for January 2012

A Day in the Life of

People say, ‘Oh you must be so self-disciplined, working from home and writing books and everything.’ Well yes and, er, no. Yes in the sense that I turn up at my desk six days a week, open the computer file and read balefully through what I wrote yesterday.  But no in the sense that I fight a…

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Last Chance Saloon

I spent yesterday checking the copyedit of my new novel. A Humble Companion won’t be published till June but that’s the way of publishing these days. You need to get proof copies out to reviewers, movers and shakers ASAP. A good copy editor (and I’ve been lucky enough always to get good ones) can save a writer…

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Moving the Furniture

I’ve returned from Panto Week (un succes fou, thank you for asking) intent on spring-cleaning my website. Think of it as the cyber equivalent of hoovering under the bed. To this end, dear faithful reader, there are going to be some changes around here. This blog will continue but from now on will comment solely on…

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Cold Feet

 One final post before the bags are zipped shut and we head out to Pantoland. The thing is, I just remembered something else to worry about. Closed doors. The Avogaria is a darling little theatre run by people who love what they do. We came upon it in a moment of great need (i.e, having been bumped…

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Just Your Average Tuesday Morning

I thought I’d better give the wig and head-dress a final check before I chuck  layer them with tissue paper and place them tenderly in my suitcase.  You may think this looks more like Fairy Don’t Mess With Me than sweet, kind-hearted Fairy Cobweb, but what I was actually saying was, ‘cut  the top off of my head…

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Bananas, in Every Sense

The last, but by no means least important item to go in my Panto bag of tricks will be bananas. I can’t abide an over-ripe banana so I’ll buy them from the Billa supermarket before proceeding to the theatre. The banana is a most useful fruit. A preventative against both Waiting in the Wings foot…

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