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Archive for January 2017

Crack Team Assembled

    The recruitment office is now closed. Thanks to everyone who volunteered. I have a great team of advance readers lined up, doing their warm-ups. Damn, I should have ordered T shirts. I have a lot of projects on the go at the moment  –  proof-reading, novel-writing, non-fiction proposals, bonus material preparation, ironing, sink…

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Now Recruiting

I am now recruiting a crack battalion of readers and reviewers to receive advance proof copies of The Early Birds some time next month. Unfortunately Amazon’s terms of business mean that a review only counts in their ratings if you’ve purchased the book from them, so if you want to help my sales you’d still…

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The Olden Days

Transcribing The Man for the Job in preparation for publishing it as an e-book has brought back memories of how we used to write books. I used a typewriter, and Tippex. Lots of Tippex. Maybe I even used carbon paper. Remember carbon paper? I hope you didn’t have shares.  I can’t recall which book was…

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