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Archive for October 2010

Learning to Love Widdy

As the press has been plastered with images of Ann Widdecombe in sequinned splendour I thought I’d show her in more characteristic rig: sensible, moor-walking wear. For those of you without access to or the inclination for British television, also for anyone recently emerged from the Burmese jungle, Ann Widdecombe is the current darling of a show called Strictly Ballroom.…

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Sensitive of Dublin 6

  Before I sign off for a few days, I have to say something about the latest traduction of equality legislation: The Equality Act 2010. It’s all over the press like nettle rash but still bears a comment, in particular the Third Party Harassment provision, which makes it possible for every one of us to…

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Police in the Crosshairs, Again.

The British press have been on  idiotic form this week reporting, among many other non-stories, the growing popularity of Gender Revealing Parties. In case you haven’t heard, these are parties where you open a sealed envelope and announce the sex of your unborn child. A Hallmark Moment if ever there was one. It also signals the surrender of another bridgehead of correct English.…

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