Sensitive of Dublin 6

  Before I sign off for a few days, I have to say something about the latest traduction of equality legislation: The Equality Act 2010.

It’s all over the press like nettle rash but still bears a comment, in particular the Third Party Harassment provision, which makes it possible for every one of us to be offended any day of the week. Heard something, or rather, overheard something you find obnoxious? Well, now you can sue. Doesn’t matter that you’re a humourless snoop with no sense of proportion. Doesn’t matter it wasn’t intended for your ears, Dumbo. From now on ‘hear something, sue someone’ is the motto.

This Act of Parliament is a parting gift from Harriet Harman, the last Government’s Commissar for the Abolition of Free Speech and former Secretary of State for the Ruin of All Businesses Except Law Firms. Thinking of a new career in victimhood? Well rejoice and be exceeding glad because this law has your name on it. Of course, we all know what the next step will be. George Orwell wrote about it more chillingly than I ever could. 

I’m now off to Galway to bond with my granddaughter and sketch plans for a new political party on the back of a used envelope. But before I go I’d just like to point out to my politically incorrect children that when they refer to their great-great-grandmother as ‘the old pikey’ they are now on very thin ice indeed. Discrimination by Association, dudes. Your ancestor was one of the colourful New Forest travelling folk and so I leave you with four words of warning. See you in court.

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