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Archive for July 2015

And Then the Sun Came Out

    A funeral is never a good way to start the week but on Monday I had the pleasure of hearing my son’s beautifully written eulogy to his father. It was, by turns, poignant and hilarious and I’m slightly relieved that he’s too busy doing an important, proper job to compete with me for writing…

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Going Dark

   A short post to pay tribute to David Graham who died yesterday. David was my husband for twenty years and the father of my four children. We did the whole thing, soup to nuts: young love, lean years, good times, bad times, divorce and, eventually, truce and friendship.  We found many ways to infuriate…

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Through the Crystal Ball

       Yes, I’m still unemployed.  I have never sweated so much over a book proposal. On bad days I feel my confidence dripping away and if there’s one thing a novelist needs in buckets it is self-belief. How else could you work completely solo for a year?  Other days I remind myself that vastly better…

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Playing God

I know you’re waiting with bated breath to know my next career move but prolonged breath-bating isn’t good for you (unless you have hiccups) so I thought I’d better give you an update. The story so far…. a few weeks ago my publisher thought the WWI story I’d pitched to them was a good plan. Then they decided…

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