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Archive for July 2019

Holiday? What Holiday?

No summer lollygagging for me this year. I’m going cross-eyed learning the art of book formatting and Dr Dan’s Casebook is starting to look like an actual book. It’s very exciting. Another week or two and I should be able to reveal publication date. Meanwhile, lest all work and no play make Laurie a very…

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Read All About It!

A quick post to acknowledge a hugely appreciated mention from Libby Purves in yesterday’s London Times. You can read it here. Thanks too for your cover design comments which boosted my own inclination to go ‘graphic’. By this time next week I hope to have a cover ready for the oven.

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Take Cover

Today, a little market research. As you know, I don’t believe novels can be written by committee, which is why I’ve only ever listened to my editor, my agent and my husband, and not always to them, but in the matter of marketing a book, I’m a novice, and therefore all ears. Dr Dan’s Casebook…

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Wears Many Hats

Wears Many Hats would be a good name for me if I had any Cherokee blood. But I don’t. I’m just a gal who’s done a lot of different jobs and I’m about to extend my CV even further. I’m becoming a publisher. I have good news and bad. The bad news is, (and it’s…

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