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Archive for July 2009

A Week in Bedlam

We’re just back from a week in the lunatic asylum formerly known as the United Kingdom. From time to time Mr F and I think of making our home there again some day. Then we read that the Avon and Somerset police force are issuing headscarves for its female officers to wear when they have to…

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Worship, please. Straight up.

We’re off to England tomorrow, for a week’s vacation, and as we’ll be in London on Sunday morning, with an important brunch commitment that prevents us from attending Divine Liturgy at the Russian Cathedral (not much change out of 3 hours), I thought I’d look for somewhere else to worship. We’ll be just across the river from a whole…

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A Summer Evening

A remarkable hail storm last night that made me fearful for the old and wonky panes of glass in the doors between my study and the altana deck. Friends coming in from the airport by boat had to shelter under the Rialto Bridge until the storm had passed. All in all a good, summery start…

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Back in the Pending Tray

It’s been a while since I did a good old Italian paper chase. I should have realised I was overdue for one.This morning I failed even to reach first base, but I did get to see a part of the city I haven’t been to in years. To begin at the beginning: Mr F and I…

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By the Dawn's Early Light

Ever get that feeling that deja blogged feeling? I’m just so hot I can’t be bothered going through my archives to see what I’ve already said on the subject of July 4. My position (as sole non-American, head cook and bottle-washer at tomorrow’s celebration) is that I’m okay about it. We had a tiff, about independence and…

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