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Archive for June 2019

Land of my Fathers

Well, not quite. Land of my great-great-great grandfather, to be accurate. On Monday I’m off to Wales to visit the little town where my ancestor was born and try out my Welsh, in the wild.   We go back a long way, Welsh and I. My first boyfriend had family in the Rhondda Valley and…

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Just Words

I’m always piggishly interested in what people are eating so I just had to have a look at the menu for the State Banquet HM Queen gave for President Trump last week. The dessert was listed as Strawberry Sable. Now I’m not a pastry expert but I knew there was a pastry French patissiers make…

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Unexpected Pleasures

It’s strange how something you’ve enjoyed can disappear from your life and all too soon you forget about it, and then, if it returns, you wonder how you’ve managed without it. This week Garrison Keillor’s resurrected Writer’s Almanac popped up in my mail box. First thought: yeah! Second thought: what callow breed of fan are…

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