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Archive for March 2014

A Shrug Too Far

    First, thanks to all those who have so far stepped up and offered themselves as dedicatees of my new book. Your enthusiasm is appreciated. I’ll draw a name from the hat during the first week of April. Next, the  aforementioned book is now off my desk for a while. I delivered the revised manuscript to…

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To Tom, No To Dick, No…To Harry

The edit is nearly done which means I can turn my attention to important details such as which earrings to wear to the Man Booker award ceremony. Also, to whom should I dedicate this new book? I have a patchy history when it comes to dedications. Two friends who have been my dedicatees are no longer…

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Verdict's In

    In the matter of Laurie Graham v. Editor, the jury is back. The unanimous verdict is that it would be more powerful to leave the narrator in partial ignorance of the fate of her relatives. The Editor has graciously conceded. ‘You’re the writer, Laurie,’ she said. ‘I trust your judgment.’ I thank all of…

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