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Archive for May 2013

The Post-Mortem

A rather belated report on the two brief runs of The Dress Circle for which I must apologise, particularly considering the song and dance I made about it before it opened.  It was a mixed experience but the mix contained far more good than bad. I handed the script over to the director last year, and…

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Powering Through

   The trouble with being self-employed is that when sickness strikes there isn’t anyone to deputise. Having wagged off for what was effectively two weeks, escorting my play on its travels, I really needed to come home and get stuck in. I had a few things on my list. 1. Complete construction of pantomime cow’s…

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Author, Review Thyself

A brief pit-stop between the London debut of Dress Circle and its opening at the Brighton Fringe this Thursday, May 9th at The Old Court Room. So, Laurie Graham, how was it for you? It was gut-churning, nail-biting and also the most enormous fun. Friends and family turned out for me, and so did some…

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