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Archive for April 2014

All Change

Perfect timing, for once in my working life. My long-planned holiday starts tomorrow when I can say, hand on heart, that I’ve well and truly cleared my desk. Even the tempting bit of journalism that was wafted under my nose late on Sunday evening has been done and delivered. The sight of an open suitcase can certainly…

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The Ackroyd Tendency

     I don’t spend too much of my time poring over the work of other, better writers and feeling bitter. You can only do your best, as my old Mum used to say. I’ve always admired the work of Peter Ackroyd and was particularly shocked to discover that he’s younger than me. How did he get…

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Sue Townsend and the N Word

Today the sad but not unexpected announcement of Sue Townsend’s death. In recent years she was prey to a shocking list of disabilities and a testament to the old saying that health is wealth. Sue and I grew up on the same street and went to the same school. We were never friends. She was a…

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Wearing the Green

   I was tickled to see HM Queen wearing the Vladimir Tiara (emerald version) as a gesture of Oirishry to President Michael D Higgins last evening. Tiaras are not part of my daily life   –  though I’d wear one given half a chance  –  but I do know a bit about the Vladimir because its rescue from the chaos…

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Things Writers Do

As is well known (because I’m always  complaining about it) I never have enough time to write my books. It’s now April 5th, this year’s book is still not quite put to bed, and I have to deliver another finished manuscript by next February 1st. So I’d like to assure my editor that the frittering away of…

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And the Winner Is….

I’m delighted to announce the dedicatee of this year’s book, drawn from my ratty old hat without favour or prejudice. Ernest Pig was nominated by his Humans and he seems a particularly appropriate winner because The Grand Duchess of Nowhere already contains a couple of Ernests: Grand Duke Ernie of Hesse and Ernst, Prince of…

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