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Archive for August 2013

Word Rage

I just walked past an eatery. It’s not new but I never noticed it before and now I wish I still hadn’t. Eatery is one of those  blue touch-paper words for me: it’s the invention of the kind of people who put televisions in pubs. And serve microwaved lasagne with chips. I won’t absolutely swear that I’ve never used the…

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Warm Monday Morning Glow

       Last week was a mildly shitty week. Nothing drastic, just a low-level hum of discontent, with the weather, with people not doing the right thing, with our dead dish-washer.  But today, what a different story. Over the weekend I got two fabulous mentions.  Libby Purves, blessed be her name, in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph described me…

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In Person

As trailed a few weeks ago I’m now delighted to confirm personal appearances by Humble Companion Nellie Buzzard and her coachman, Dick Morphew, at the Chiswick Book Festival on September 15th. I’m obliged, under the terms of the Trade Descriptions Act (1968), to warn you that Nellie doesn’t look anything like as cute as her…

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Writer's Perks

      This week I’ve had one of the greatest pleasures known to writer-kind: choosing a name for a new character. I hadn’t even realised I was going to create this character until a few days ago when she sidled into view and said, ‘Frankly, I think you need me.’ She was right. But what to call her? Names…

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