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Archive for February 2014

Writer Seeks Advice

As my regulars know my view has always been that writers should go quietly about their business and not seek the opinion of every Tom, Dick and writers’ workshop. No-one sees my stuff until I deliver first draft to my editor and my agent. My husband gets to read final draft, if he asks nicely.…

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Can't Give 'Em Away

     I just spent a frustrating half hour on the telephone to libraries. First my local one, a piss-poor ghost of a place with sadly depleted shelves. Perhaps everything’s out on loan? I don’t think so. The reason for my call  –  my house is groaning under the weight of brand new copies of my books, hardback, paperback,…

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Olympic-Standard Writing

Never mind about the lack of snow and the unfinished hotel rooms. This morning  every writer is gagging to know what was the Princess Royal reading while she waited for the fireworks? What a boost to sales that would be. Can’t you just see the book shops whacking on those flash stickers? A RIGHT ROYAL READ! I know it wasn’t one of my books.…

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