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Archive for June 2010

Signs and Wonders

This is John Bercow, Speaker to the House of Commons and a man anxious to prove he’s a now kind of guy. He famously and I thought rather churlishly refused to wear the traditional full-bottom wig when he was installed on the Speaker’s chair. I mean, even that old growler Ken Clark, now Secretary of State for Justice,…

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Mr F and I have been a little too much at the trough this past week. First we were in up in County Meath enjoying a very well fed weekend with friends at their country cottage. Homemade scones, eggs from contented chickens, you know the kind of thing. And I did very little to work…

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Memorial Pie

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my mother’s death and as I was too far away to take flowers to her grave I decided to commemorate her by using her old Pyrex dish and making a Chicken and Mushroom Pie, complete with pastry rose bud and leaves and gilded with beaten egg. It turned out pretty…

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I'm Back!

I’M BACK! Well here I am, back in circulation though, as you can see, somewhat aged by the events of the past three months. My website, on the other hand, got all spiffed up during its vacation. Anyway, here’s the update. Our final weeks in Venice were spent cleaning behind closets, reinstating the landlord’s wormy…

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