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Archive for February 2011

Good Police Work

 Congratulations to the perennially excellent Inspector Gadget who has stumbled on a surefire way of making contact with his Chief Superintendant. When Gadget needs him to do something important, like authorising covert surveillance of a suspected paedophile seen hanging around the local playground, the boss can’t be found. But if Gadget refuses to attend yet another…

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Rant Alert

So having vowed, on this very platform, to stop reading Sunday newspapers and all their fatuous ‘lifestyle’ articles, this past weekend I slipped. Well, we had a houseguest, a leisurely start to the morning, bacon and eggs, you get the picture? It seemed to cry out for a Sunday paper. But what did I find, screaming at me…

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Thought for the Day

    Our house is blessed. The priest arrived with breathtaking punctuality, sank into an armchair and proceeded to gas for an hour. The story of his life, the story of ours. It was all very interesting and congenial and as we edged closer to lunchtime I learned that a) he’s diabetic (forget the cake) and…

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Bless This House

We’re a bit behind with our annual house blessing this year, the traditional time being Theophany, but better late than not at all. Fr. Michael is coming tomorrow morning. For the past ten years we were in a Greek parish and so dropped into their way of doing things. Greek priests slosh the Jordan water…

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