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Archive for September 2019

Nothing to See Here

I don’t really have anything to blog about today but there’s some new technical folderol about my website which I need to try out, to prove to my webmaestra that I’m not a total dummy. I’ve heard enough pitying sighs for one week. The young sales assistant in the phone shop was very gentle with…

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Killing People

Killing people is all in a day’s work for a novelist but it doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it’s clear that it has to be done, though the demise of any of my creations, even a monster, can sadden me. Sometimes it’s a tussle between sentiment and plot. Plot needs to win. Readers may howl…

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My New Profession

I hadn’t planned on taking up a new career in my 70s but there it is. I have now added ‘publisher’ to the list of hats I’ve worn in my life. Never wanted to be one, but needs must, and after many a setback and hiccup, Dr Dan’s Casebook is out tomorrow. The novel that…

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