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Archive for March 2017

On Historical Fiction

Some great recommendations by Anne Marie Scanlon in today’s Irish Independent. And I’m not just saying that because I’m one of them. Cross my heart and hope to die in a cellar full of rats.

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(Further) Confessions of a Faffer

  This afternoon’s task was to organise my thoughts for the coming work week instead of just turning up at my desk tomorrow morning and hoping for the best. I have actually spent two hours trying to make an origami bear, Mk II, and failing. Paper too thick. Mk I was okay-ish but it was…

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When we moved house a little over a year ago I pruned my collection of cookbooks to fit our new, reduced living space. I kept sixty books that were dear to me and disbursed the rest among my children and the closest charity shop. I also declared a moratorium on buying new titles and I…

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Flogging Dead Horses and Other Time Wasters

A couple of months ago I mentioned my plan to make my very first novel, long out of print, available as a free e-book. To that end I’ve been transcribing it ready for digital formatting, a tedious process at the best of times. Reader, I cannot go on. The book sucks. I don’t know what…

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