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Archive for August 2012

On Committing Murder

     The killing off of characters is always a tricky business. Unless the span of the story is a single day there obviously have to be some casualties and if you’re writing about a pre-antibiotic era there should realistically be many. But publishers don’t much like major characters dying because if you’re not careful where the Grim Reaper swings his…

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This Little Piggy

 No post today but you can find me at The History Girls on the subject of King Richard III and whatever became of his bones. The picture is of a gilded silver Yorkist badge, just one of the many items found during recent excavations at the site now believed to be the location of some of the…

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Cherry on the Top

          See, not only do I provide you with a  weekly dose of wit, wisdom and the occasional recipe. Tomorrow, August 6th, you can catch me in the Daily Mail’s Life & Style section, growling about Botox, Cher, and related topics. Do I give you value, or what?

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Listen Up

I was very happy this past weekend to find that two of my granddaughters, too young yet to be reading independently, are such good listeners they can recite their favourite books by heart. I particularly enjoyed joining in with Audrey’s rendition of Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, although I don’t know that she approved of my doing it…

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