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Archive for December 2010

Show Time

Yesterday, St Stephen’s Day, we took two of the grandchildren, plus their cousin, to a matinee of Aladdin at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. What follows isn’t just my weekly blast of hot air. Later today I’ll be writing to the theatre to let them know my opinion. This is just by way of a little warm-up at…

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Press Release

  Here is the latest news on celebrity plans for what I regret to say is now called The Holiday Season. Liz Hurley will be getting amicably separated, Kate Middleton will be enjoying her last non-Sandringham Christmas, and Simon Cowell will be jet-skiing in Barbados. Which just leaves the question on everyone’s lips: what about Laurie Graham? Well,…

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When Push Comes to Shove

First of all thanks to my vigilant readers who alerted me to the fact that my website had disappeared. See what happens when you go away for the weekend? But here I am, back in business. Against the predicted odds we  made it to England. The hardest part of the journey was getting from our front door…

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