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Archive for July 2017

A Recommendation

I’m working flat out with the hot breath of the deadline hounds on my neck so I have little of interest for a blog post. Got up, wrote 800 words, deleted 250 of them, went to bed. That kind of thing. But I’ve also been travelling a bit, an indulgence completely compatible with working because…

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A Pea Pod Moment

Marcel Proust had his madeleine crumbled in hot tea. Yesterday I had a moment too, because the supermarket had peas, actual peas in their pods. I brought a bag home, though it was lighter when I arrived because I sneaked a few while waiting for my train. Peas in their pods transport me to summer…

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Donning My Battle Pinny

Thank you, dear readers, for your title suggestions. Some of you went to a great deal of trouble and I make special mention of Signor Uccello for Fifty Shades of Grey Mullet. Totally unusable of course but it did brighten a wet Monday morning. I now feel vindicated in my opinion that we need a…

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