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Archive for May 2011

Greek, Ancient & Modern

So we’re home and let me just begin by getting something off my chest. I would like to know the name of the sadistic bastard who brought our flight in to gate Z99 at 1am this morning. I mean, if you thought we needed a route march why not land the plane in County Louth? Next…

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Evil Dictator Visits Dublin

Gerry Adams must be kicking himself. He’s been pipped at the post for this week’s Graceless Git award by Morrissey. Yesterday Morrissey described the Queen as being in the same tyrannical club as Gaddafi, thereby insulting in one stupid utterance both Her Majesty and all those people whose lives have been blighted by the Libyan horror. Morrissey. Does…

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Fergie's Fundament

 Yes, I know this is getting repetitive but hellfire, it’s my blog. Sarah Ferguson likes to have us all along on her emotional journey and I feel an obligation to keep you current. I agree it’s a very long journey. Let’s face it, it’s a bloody Moscow to Vladivostock ride of self-discovery. But I know what you’re like,…

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Sentimental Journeys

This is the little Leicestershire church I attended when I was a child, where I was married to my first husband, from which I buried both my parents and which I abandoned, in a manner of speaking, when I’d had enough of  the Anglicans messing with the Book of Common Prayer and ordaining ministers who talked like social…

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The Elephant in Grosvenor Square

  So was there a march and mock funeral for OBL yesterday outside the US embassy or not? The Daily Mail led with the story this morning and by lunchtime had dropped it down below Madonna splitting from her latest toyboy. I just read the Daily Telegraph cover to cover and couldn’t see anything about yesterday’s demonstration. The omission may…

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A Grand Fresh Day

I had a very nice Tuesday, thank you for asking. I caught a late morning train down to Bray, blew off the cobwebs with a brisk walk along the sea front and then had lunch with a friend. I’d forgotten how much I like trains. The DART, which runs from Howth at the north end…

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