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Archive for October 2012

The Bar is Raised

   Pippa Middleton launched her first book yesterday. I haven’t seen it. I’ve been giving parties since before Pippa was born so I don’t feel the need for a book on the subject. But none of us in the business can afford to ignore the Pippa Factor. She got a handsome two-book advance on the grounds that she’s…

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On The Move

This week, which is just two weeks off my delivery deadline, my husband is going for some kind of health care world record with three hospital visits in as many days. Which require my attendance. Some writers can work anywhere. Actually, I have writer friends who can’t stop writing, no matter how distracting or adverse the conditions.…

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I’ve just come to the shocking realisation that I’m a book hog. It’s not just that I love to buy books and it’s not just that I love to read. I hoard books. I was doing my accounts yesterday, always a depressing activity. If you’ve had a good year you feel the hot breath of the Inland Revenue on…

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The Blondes Have It

I’ve now reached that silly season of my working year when the book isn’t quite finished but the designers need to get to work. Which is why the following query landed on my desk this week: is Nan a blonde or a brunette? Nan is my current protagonist.  She’s brunette, no question. I’ve never been…

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