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Archive for March 2013

And She's Off!

  All of a sudden I’m back in business. My publisher offered me another contract and it’s all systems go. The world looks like getting two more Laurie Graham novels, like it or lump it. I can’t tell you how energising it is to be told you’re still wanted. Well actually I can. It’s like…

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Aids to Creativity

People often ask me for advice about the writing process. I believe I disappoint them with how little I have to say. ‘I’ve got this great idea for a book,’ someone will say to me. ‘But I just can’t seem to get started.’ I can empathise with that. Except that quite often I don’t have…

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Read and Learn

I don’t much like writing about writing because it’s just something I do.  Nor do I especially seek the company of other writers although some of my best friends etc. etc.  The words ‘writers’ group’ bring me out in hives.   On the whole I feel writers need to leave the house on a regular basis…

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Dates, Dates, Dates

Another week has slipped by and I remain unemployed. The wheels of publishing grind slow. March. Normally by now I would be well into the first draft of a book. But we must enjoy what we’re given, not moither over what may be. I’m actually having fun making a pantomime cow. So what to offer…

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Taking Cover

    So here’s my morning so far. I walked to the post office to pick up a parcel which I eagerly anticipated was the cow hooves I’ve ordered from Texas. Whoa! I’m not importing animal parts. I’m not setting up a glue factory. These are  foam hooves for a cow costume. Yes, the panto wheels are creaking…

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