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Archive for August 2010

Hold the Blueberries

I’m getting kind of bored with that spurious 5 a Day command we’ve been getting from nutritionists. Every time I read a newspaper there’s some new angle. Potatoes are good, potatoes are bad, a glass of wine is the elixir of life, two glasses and you might as well put a bullet through your brain and…

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A Very Dangerous Place to Be

Last year, when I read the story of Stan Brown, I was very tempted to blog about it but the moment passed. It was just another everyday tale of bureaucratic idiocy and if you read too many of them you could lose the will to live. But this week we have the story of Derek Evans, which…

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  I’ve recently discovered an unexpected bonus to be had from Internet shopping: if I spend long enough searching and comparing products I eventually lose the desire to buy anything. And if sheer information-overload doesn’t kill the purchase, then the procedure for payment quite often will. Websites that say they’ll deliver anywhere in the world but don’t understand…

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