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Archive for January 2013

Before I Go

I love Bucket Lists. All human life and folly is in them. A recent report I read suggested that the reasons most people realise only 10 percent of their ambitions are lack of time and fear of injury. To which I give the following soberly considered reply. BS. Boil down any bucket list and you end up with two categories:…

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Soap Opera

     Well, my revisions are done and back in my editor’s in-tray, so this week I turned my attention to… what next? I already have a bit of an idea, but a bit of an idea does not a novel make. One of the things I do is to make wild research forays around the topic…

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Weekend Extra

If you haven’t had enough of me for the week you’ll find me on History Girls today, doing a bit of sheep counting.

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Disturbing the Dead

 Christopher Sansom has recently published his latest novel, Dominion, which envisions a post-war Britain run by a Government of actual named politicians transformed into Nazi placemen. I must begin by saying I haven’t read the novel. But the  several reviews I’ve read touched a nerve, partly because I sometimes populate my own fiction with real people who once…

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Last Woman Standing

I wouldn’t normally be working today, nor even blogging, New Year’s Day is when I make a morning-after breakfast for family, friends, blow-ins and remote acquaintances. But this year the ‘flu has flattened everyone in its path and I’m the last woman standing. Also the last woman eating. Which has left me with a long position on bacon, eggs…

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