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Archive for October 2015

Reviewing the Reviews

A couple of nice reviews in the past few days. The Daily Mail  –  a new novel by Laurie Graham always quickens the pulse and this one does not disappoint,  and the Sunday Times  –  the sheer panache with which Graham conjures up the era’s music halls is particularly appealing. All very gratifying. The Saturday…

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Let's Talk About Me

  This week the astonishing news that social media like Facebook and Instagram tempt people to make their lives seem more interesting than they truly are. Well Lordy, Lordy, who ever would have seen that coming? Ten years ago it was quite cutting edge for a writer to have a website. A surprising number still…

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A Pleasure Deferred

  Publication day, and a double at that!  The Night in Question is out today, as is the paperback edition of The Grand Duchess of Nowhere, and I’m on the wagon, dentist’s orders, until after tomorrow’s molar extraction. Never mind. The wait will make it  taste all the better. Uh-oh, I’m starting to sound like…

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