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Archive for July 2012

Can Do Better

I’m currently enduring the unnerving experience of re-reading one of my own books. Not because I’m short of stuff to read. There’s a pile the size of the Matterhorn beside my bed and as fast as I finish one book I seem to buy two more. No, I’m re-reading The Dress Circle for the rather exciting reason that I’ve been…

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Fifty Shades of Green

  I was asked recently what I thought were the ingredients for a best-selling novel and after I’d stopped rolling on the floor, mopped up my tears of laughter and lain in a darkened room for an hour I thought I should try to come up with an answer. If there is a recipe for best-sellerdom…

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Safety in the Workplace

  I used to think computers lived forever. Well, let me back track a little. I used to believe in Santa Claus and I used to write my stories with a ten colour biro. Then, eventually, I acquired a typewriter. The first one, a pre-war model, was given to me by my then mother-in-law. The war it was pre…

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