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Archive for March 2011

Furrily Disgusted

 Just back from a week in London and various points south I was hoping to find something nice to say about the place but frankly it gets worse. No train journey can be made without multiple warnings about slippery platform surfaces, evacuation routes and the imminent arrival of the tea trolley. No one can go anywhere without either…

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The Old Heave-Ho

Over the years I’ve been sacked by more magazines than Joan Rivers has had face-lifts. But somehow I never see it coming. The arrival of a new editor just about guarantees it but a new editor may slide into her seat while the old one is still packing away her Newton’s cradle. Sometimes a new…

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Had Your Recommended Daily Laugh?

I could hate Mark Steyn. He always manages to be spot on and funny too. How does he do that? His piece on government funding for cowboy poetry that appeared yesterday on NRO is one of his best. If you haven’t seen it, go to it now. Please.

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A Proustian Week

It all started with the rhubarb. I saw it in the supermarket and just had to take it home, transform it into a baked crumble, anoint it with vanilla ice cream and take a stroll down memory lane. I’d forgotten about rhubarb. In Italy it’s regarded as a weed fit, at best, for turning into a nasty…

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The Trouble With Fergie

  For the past few weeks, ever since I read that the Duchess of York was searching for the lotus flower within, I’ve taken the precaution of keeping a sickbag to hand. Whatever else she’s been up to between the shopping malls of St Maarten and the ski slopes of Verbier she has certainly done her…

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Mr F and I were highly chuffed to be woken at 7am with news of the dramatic arrival of our newest granddaughter who couldn’t be bothered waiting around for the professionals. She was delivered by our son-in-law. I believe I’m right in saying he was using his spare hand to pour out Rice Krispies for his 2-year old.…

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