Nothing to See Here

I have nothing to tell you, except that Dr Dan 5 is still in blank page format. I did make some notes but then the sun came out and I found a million other ways to spend my days. I need to steel myself for one last marathon. Journalism is different. When the phone rings I (almost) always say yes. If I’m sitting on a bus when a job comes in, I begin writing it in my head. If I’m at home, I sit right down and get started. My fingers fly over the keyboard, a bit like this. Yes, finding daft things to watch on YouTube eats up quite a lot of my time.

Since I became a cossetted Charterhouse Brother my needs are simple. Proper coffee made on my tiny hotplate. Enough sleep. And plenty of laughter. I’m setting off for Italy tomorrow, so here is a little rib-tickler to tide you over until I have something interesting to say. No, not the movie trailer! I’m talking about the Wilson, Kepple and Betty Sand Dance. It never fails for me.

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