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Archive for January 2015

A Small Victory

Now here’s a nice story. Twenty years ago I wrote a feature for Country Life magazine. It was probably called something like My Country Childhood  –  a bit of a stretch really because I was raised in suburbia and only sent to the country during school holidays in a misguided attempt to cure my asthma. But…

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To Do

   My list for today: DELIVER FIRST DRAFT TO EDITOR     check OPEN BOTTLE OF CAVA              check DRINK  DEEPLY THEREOF          hic & check EAT BLOW-OUT INDIAN              check DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE      pending                  

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The End is Nigh

Unlike most of the Western world I’ve been back at work since December 28th, setting the bar a bit higher every day. Go on, woman, get on with it. Another 500 words before you put the kettle on. The end isn’t yet quite in sight but I know I can get there. In London Marathon terms I’m closer…

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