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Archive for December 2013

Secrets of Career Success

      According to my Sunday paper (and yes, I did swear I was going to stop reading them) for a woman to enjoy career success these days she needs to commit to Extreme Grooming. I’ve heard of extreme sports  –  Downhill Hoovering for example  – but this grooming thing is a new one on me. In…

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Dear Santa

No need for Santa to swing by for this year because I’ve already taken things in hand. My husband is a wonderful and multi-talented person who sadly is afflicted with the Incompetent Shopper gene so I’ve just treated myself to three books I could not possibly justify to my accountant. Writers don’t necessarily desire books for Christmas. On this…

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Book Ends

       Today has been Book End Day. I don’t know if other writers have this tic but when I get to a certain point in the, ahem, creative process, I feel the book starting to lean and creak towards the as yet unwritten end. So I write the end. Then, feeling better shored up,…

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