The Elephant in Grosvenor Square

  So was there a march and mock funeral for OBL yesterday outside the US embassy or not? The Daily Mail led with the story this morning and by lunchtime had dropped it down below Madonna splitting from her latest toyboy. I just read the Daily Telegraph cover to cover and couldn’t see anything about yesterday’s demonstration. The omission may have been out of respect for the families of those killed and injured in the 7/7 London bombings: the inquest verdict was delivered yesterday too. But I suspect not. 

The Mail report said around 300 members of Muslims Against Crusades, aka the Poppy Burners, were present, plus a smaller number of the EDL tattoorati. Anjem Choudhary was there in the Muslim vanguard, unless the camera lies. Mr Choudhary is a qualified solicitor but now devotes himself to praising jihadist bombers and agitating for Sharia law in the UK. His disdain for his country is evident but it apparently doesn’t deter him from pocketing Income Support.

 Passers-by were unimpressed, says the Mail. And of course it’s true that our long history of freedom of speech keeps us pretty phlegmatic. But aren’t we now verging on the comatose? Aren’t there some things that should get us indignant? How about welfare recipients marching with masked faces and Islam will Dominate placards? Just for a start. 

We all know about the nightingale that sang in Berkeley Square. Shouldn’t we be talking about the elephant that shat in Grosvenor Square? Hello! Is there anybody home?

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