Things Writers Do


As is well known (because I’m always  complaining about it) I never have enough time to write my books. It’s now April 5th, this year’s book is still not quite put to bed, and I have to deliver another finished manuscript by next February 1st. So I’d like to assure my editor that the frittering away of valuable writing time in the creation these origami Easter hens had nothing to do with me. I’d like to, but I cannot tell a lie. I was tired of novelising. My fingers itched to make something. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Is that enough excuses?

Seriously, writers need time out as much as anyone else, and given the interiorised nature of the day job I believe practical activities are the best antidote. Gardening would probably be a good choice but I am overwhelmed by the jungle view from my window. For me gardening wouldn’t be a refreshing interlude. It would be a life’s work. With a machete. Let’s call its current state my gift to local wildlife.

No, all I need is an hour here and there. You can fold a lot of paper in an hour. Which is how I ended up with this procession of mildly psychedelic Easter chucks. Each one is capacious enough to hold a dozen of those little chocolate eggs Marks & Spencer are selling at the moment. Just so you know.

WP_20140405_006 If you want to have a go yourself (and I imagine you can hardly wait) here is a very good instructional video.

So that was my Friday evening. There’s nothing like the rustle of origami paper after a long hard week at the coalface of plot structure. Well, that and the pop of a cork.

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