I’m delighted to announce the dedicatee of this year’s book, drawn from my ratty old hat without favour or prejudice. Ernest Pig was nominated by his Humans and he seems a particularly appropriate winner because The Grand Duchess of Nowhere already contains a couple of Ernests: Grand Duke Ernie of Hesse and Ernst, Prince of Hohenlohe. E.Pig (if you’re interested in a pig’s perspective you can follow him on Twitter @ErnestPig) will now complete the triumvirate. Okay, a pig doesn’t count as a vir. You know perfectly well what I mean.

My husband, who is allergic to anything containing a trace of whimsy, will argue that no animal’s name should have been included in the list of candidates. ‘What’s the point?’ he’ll say. ‘Can a pig read a novel?’ Obviously not, though a pig might appreciate the quality of the paper on which it’s printed. And as I explained in an earlier post, dedications aren’t always received with gratitude. Sometimes they pass completely unnoticed, even by humans.

Anyway, the pig has it! Good. I appreciate pigs. I enjoy observing them and eating them and it is now with great pleasure I shall dedicate a book to one. Commiserations to those who weren’t chosen this time. But I’m already at work on next year’s book so you can try again next March.



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  1. Laura L. Sullivan on April 1, 2014 at 9:27 am

    Congratulations to Ernest Pig!
    I have such a soft spot for piggies… though they are better in theory than practice. A while ago I had a terrifying neighbor pig who I’m sure would have eaten me, if he’d had the chance…

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