Verdict's In

judge    In the matter of Laurie Graham v. Editor, the jury is back. The unanimous verdict is that it would be more powerful to leave the narrator in partial ignorance of the fate of her relatives. The Editor has graciously conceded. ‘You’re the writer, Laurie,’ she said. ‘I trust your judgment.’

I thank all of you who took the time to give me your opinion. I’m quite an old hand at this novel-writing game, but even old hands have moments of self-doubt. So now it’s on with the edit which must be delivered by the middle of this month if I’m to catch my October publication slot. Crazy isn’t it? You’d think each copy had to be handwritten by a monk.

Meanwhile all this essential work is nibbling away at the time I have for the next book, which must be delivered by February 1st 2015 or we’ll be on gruel and candle ends. I hear the siren call of Next Book. It’s like a half empty bag of M&Ms. Even if you stick it in the back of a cupboard you still know it’s there and you want to go to it.

I may be tempting fate by announcing that the title of this year’s book is The Grand Duchess of Nowhere. With titles it’s never over till it’s over and the accountants haven’t yet thrown in their two pennyworth, but I live in hope that they’ll be too busy to tinker with it. I can also reveal that my editor and I have both requested a cover blanketed in snow. So come October, look out for a sunny beach scene.

More as it happens. Now on, on…..



  1. Anne on March 9, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    I’m sad – I really don’t enjoy historical novels (even The 10 o’clock horses was nearly a step too far) and had been hoping that after all the Kennedy/Liar/Companion stuff Laurie would come back to us contemporary people. Please!

    Please, please, please – I love your modern characters and conversations, and don’t want you to expect me to have any historical knowledge (I went to a shit bog-standard and haven’t read any Shakespeare; it’s embarrassing enough to have to write that, without not being able to read my favourite novelist!).

    So, Miss – more modern stuff please!

  2. jane on March 12, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    Glad you stuck to your literally guns Laurie. You are the pro. Was happy to just not catch up on your last few blogs. They always give me a few good laughs which makes my day.

  3. jane on March 12, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    meant to say “literary” and “now”, guess you don’t want me as your editor! sorry about that.

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