Wears Many Hats

Wears Many Hats would be a good name for me if I had any Cherokee blood. But I don’t. I’m just a gal who’s done a lot of different jobs and I’m about to extend my CV even further. I’m becoming a publisher.

I have good news and bad. The bad news is, (and it’s official), that no publisher will touch me with a ten foot pole. Not because I can’t write but because my sales projections are on the feeble side of pathetic. I grieves me to tell you this because the very fact that you’re reading this blog suggests that you are one of those loyal readers who buys my books. But you are too few, the competition is fierce and nowadays the accountant is king. So that’s that. Let’s move along to the good news.

During these long months of famine I’ve been at work on a project, a series of novels, gentle comedies about a young doctor, and I’ll be publishing Book 1 of my Dr Dan series, in early to mid September. Book 2 will follow early next year, and Book 3 in the autumn of 2020. As a self-publisher I will have no distribution network so you won’t find my new books in the shops, but they’ll be available from Amazon, in paperback and on Kindle.

This is both exciting and scary because it’s a huge undertaking but the alternative   –  to crawl away with my backlist and hide under a rock –  is unthinkable.  So, I can no longer be just a writer. I now have to be a project manager, editor, designer and marketer. In my spare time I plan to make jam and work for world peace.

There are a couple of things you can do if you’d like to put your shoulder to the wheel. If you are a retired copy editor or graphic designer, willing to work for a modest consideration (a bottle of champagne) please speak up.  Ditto if you’re a retired medic with an hour or two to spare to check copy for clinical howlers (remuneration as above). And if you have not yet signed up to my mailing list, please, please do so because that’s how I’ll be letting people know about release dates etc.

Thank you for your patience. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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