Holiday? What Holiday?

No summer lollygagging for me this year. I’m going cross-eyed learning the art of book formatting and Dr Dan’s Casebook is starting to look like an actual book. It’s very exciting. Another week or two and I should be able to reveal publication date.

Meanwhile, lest all work and no play make Laurie a very dull old broad, I’m having a yee-haw, Larry McMurtry bedtime reread-athon. Dead Man’s Walk, Lonesome Dove, The Streets of Laredo. Managing a map of Texas from a semi-recumbent position isn’t easy but I find it essential to know my Pecos mountains from my Trans Pecos.

The size of Texas fairly blows my English mind. Indeed my husband always felt Texas should be a separate country, rather than part of the Union, but he thought the same of California. Well, that’s a New Yorker for you.

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