Through the Crystal Ball

realistic       Yes, I’m still unemployed.  I have never sweated so much over a book proposal. On bad days I feel my confidence dripping away and if there’s one thing a novelist needs in buckets it is self-belief. How else could you work completely solo for a year?  Other days I remind myself that vastly better writers than I have struggled to make a living.  Meanwhile I’m trying to keep myself occupied even if not gainfully. My kitchen floor has never been so clean.


On to cheerier things. Today, as you will know if you subscribe to The Writer’s Almanac, is the birthday of E C Bentley whose Trent’s Last Case is sitting, funnily enough, in my Amazon basket. Bentley is perhaps best known for his invention of the clerihew, so what more fitting way to honour his memory than to compose one myself. My very first clerihew.


Erika L James
Who writes about erotic games
Has proved that sex can pay.
Give me Fifty Sheds any day.

Okay, so I probably shouldn’t give up the day job. Oh, but wait. I don’t have a day job.






  1. Lucy Mitchell on July 10, 2015 at 6:42 am

    Oh dear. Its sunny, now, sit outside and absorb some of it. It is infuriating, INFURIATING that you of all writers have to sweat over anything. It really makes me feel down, and I look at the shelf because rereading The Liars Daughter and having a cup of tea will definitely make me feel better. But of course its not there because I lent to my friend and no one ever returns your books, they pass them on because they enjoy them so much.

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