Moving the Furniture

I’ve returned from Panto Week (un succes fou, thank you for asking) intent on spring-cleaning my website. Think of it as the cyber equivalent of hoovering under the bed. To this end, dear faithful reader, there are going to be some changes around here. This blog will continue but from now on will comment solely on the ups and downs and ins and outs of the writing life. There will undoubtedly be the occasional snarl at the publishing business but for those of you who are also interested in/enjoy being infuriated by my wider world view there is a new blog destination: The Sunday Growler.

At The Sunday Growler, which should be up and sniping by close of play today, you will find my customary mix of rabid rant, jaundiced eye-roll and kitchen table whimsy. My links to other likeminded blogs have also moved to the new site.  So there it is. Two Laurie Graham blogs for the price of one, and just a mouse click apart. Am I good to you, or what?

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