The March of the CyberGrans

 Well, it finally happened.   Facebook. I knew I had to do it. I’d already managed Twitter, and as for Pinterest, I was addicted after five minutes. But Facebook is something else. I guessed it would be like being dropped from a remote Pacific island into Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and I was right.

After a couple of hours I had to call for oxygen and the assistance of someone at least thirty years my junior. So. I am there. Just not yet doing anything much.  

Word soon spread.

‘Laurie Graham’s on Facebook.’

‘Naah. Must be someone else.’

I began to receive messages. Notably from someone who actually did think I was someone else, then from a dearly beloved priest (who’d have thought it!) and towards the end of Day 1 wry comments from two of my children and from one of my loyal readers.

‘How modern are we old birds,’ wrote Loyal Reader. ‘Tweeting and FB-ing.’

‘We’ll have to be careful what we post in future,’ wrote my children.

Indeed. But of course it cuts both ways. I’m only thankful my mother didn’t live to see the day or read the blog. Though if she’s anything like she was in life she still has her beady eye on every move I make.

I suppose if you’re going to live in Salinger-style reclusion it’s a career decision you have to make right from the get-go. And not having done so I must therefore submit to self-promotion 21st century style. However if, due to some bureaucratic snafu, I’m ever reincarnated as a writer I shall live down a burrow and fire BB pellets at anyone who tries to interview me.  Okay?

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