The Face of Hypocrisy

This is Trevor Phillips. Since 2006 he has headed the Commission for Equality and Human Rights. He is a man who supports freedom of speech. Until you say something he doesn’t like. He is as fine an example as you’ll find of the gobsmacking hyprocrisy of the Politically Correct.

This week Mr Phillips’s organisation began county court proceedings against the British National Party. The claim is that the BNP’s membership rules, which preclude anyone not of indigenous Caucasian ethnicity, contravene the Race Relation Act.

Here are the names of just a selection of ethnically-focused organisations Mr Phillips hasn’t targeted.

The Muslim Council of Britain, Black Londoners’ Forum, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Federation of Black Housing Associations, Society of Black Lawyers, Society of Asian Lawyers, Al.Nur Muslim Women’s Association, Chinese Welfare Association, Black Police Association, UK Black Teachers’ Association, Asian People’s Disability Alliance, UK Black Pride, Ethnic Minority and Black Regional Action for Community Empowerment, Black Health Agency, African Caribbean Education and Training Services, National Association for the Advancement of Black People.

I rest my case.


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