Dear Blog

I’m so sorry I’m neglecting you but here’s the thing: I’m doing my annual gliding swan impersonation, with my little webbed feet paddling like crazy beneath the water.

My first hurdle is to finish my book. Have to, have to, have to. My backside is welded to my desk chair. I had hoped to be done by tomorrow evening but I now know it’s not going to happen because I also have to

1. Get my hair cut 2. Get a tooth filled. 3. Pack a suitcase, prepare a book presentation, cut six pantomime set cloths to size and locate the bad smell in the fridge.

Wednesday, early, we leave for France on what was supposed to be a carefree jolly not a guilt-freighted dash with a dog-eared manuscript tucked in my carry-on. Ah well.

We’re going to Normandy, to visit the D-Day beaches, partly out of curiosity, having read Max Hastings’ superb book OVERLORD but principally to honour my Dad who always intended to go back but didn’t live long enough to do it. Then to Paris to do my schtick at the 10th Salon Anglo-Saxon in Fontainebleau and to hold Mr F to his offer of a birthday dinner at Brasserie Flo.

Paddle, paddle, paddle. Some day I’ll blog again.

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