Day Two

wellies.jpgToday’s curve ball: unannounced acqua alta. Both routes to the theatre were flooded at 8.45 this morning, too slightly, apparently, to warrant sounding the siren, but badly enough to ruin a person’s Guccis and delay the start of rehearsals while people wrung out their socks.

We ran the Pumpkin to Carriage transformation scene four times and it got funnier every time. True, this wasn’t really the writer’s intention but what are we if we can’t laugh at ourselves? Cinderella’s track suit worn beneath her ballgown was also a great look.

This evening I doled out the first set of Glow Stix, causing great joy in the glow-worm camp, average age 4.5 By Saturday they’ll be old hat, I know, but for now Glow Stix are being carried as a badge of pride.

‘So, what are you then?’

‘Second Silk Moth.’

‘Thought as much. As you can see, I’m Assistant Glow-worm.’

Overall a good day. Only one instance of full-blown flouncing and that from a guy who could flounce for Europe. And I survived my 10pm red-eyed seminar on stage lighting delivered by a chain-smoking dude who wanted me to learn fast so he could get home for his dinner. I now know how to use a lighting board. And early tomorrow morning I’m going to paddle to the theatre (yes, more acqua alta, but this time we know it’s coming) to play with my new toy.   



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