Hail to the Chief

obama.jpg I woke on Wednesday to the news that the Massachusetts election was being called for the Republican candidate. Well, you have to hand it to Obama. He gets things done. He’s managed to disgust, annoy and worry all those voters in just one year of office. Even Lyndon Johnson took longer than that.

Tomorrow I fly to the UK to keep a few appointments, not least with my granddaughter Ulla on the occasion of her 1st birthday. It’ll be my first time at an airport since the Christmas Day Exploding Underwear incident so it’s going to be interesting to see if security screening has become any more intelligent. When exactly was the last time an Anglo-Saxon grandmother posed a security threat? Just asking.

Back in the mother country, the National Association of Muslim Police – motto Muslims Making a Difference to Policing (I’ll say!) this week issued a memorandum to the parliamentary Communities and Local Government Committee, suggesting that the British government’s current strategy of funding community initiatives aimed at preventing the radicalisation of young Muslims is having quite the opposite effect. Muslims feel, say NAMP, that they are being stigmatised and also being pressured to inform on their own. Hunh? So did they think those subsidised courses and pingpong tables came without a price tag?

This kind of whining would be laughable were it not for the elephant in the room. Of those convicted of terrorism in the UK since September 11 2001 more than 90 percent were Muslim. Now I would bet serious money that none of those terrorists chose their path because of a lack of community initiatives. They did it because of a kind of cultural schizophrenia: at one and the same time they both despise our moral squalor and envy us our freedom.

Meanwhile Britain sleeps.




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