Nothing To Do With Me

 Well, the Monday morning quarterbacks have appeared on cue.

A 37 year old samurai sword owner with a history of domestic violence and threatening  behaviour emerges from a short stretch in prison, shoots the mother of one of his children, also her new boyfriend and a traffic cop going quietly about his duty. The boyfriend is killed, the other two victims are seriously wounded.

The gunman then goes on the run but he continues to communicate with the police who are pursuing him, literally, up hill and down dale. He promises to kill as many police officers as he can and then widens his threats to include the general public. He also explains, in one of his extensive bulletins, that he deliberately used small gauge pellets when firing at his ex so she would survive, nothing worse than chastened, and receive a big enough compensation payment to raise his daughter in comfort. It’s a new angle on providing for your child. After six days he is finally cornered and after six hours of downloading to negotiators about the misery of his fatherless childhood and the unjustified withdrawal of his accreditation as a fully-qualified nightclub bouncer, he shoots himself.

Who is to blame for this outcome? The police, obviously.

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